WWE Stars Complaining, ECW Star with Fedor’s Entourage, Vickie News, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– There were several WWE talents complaining about being burned out by the weekend on the recent tour of Europe. A majority of the WWE stars spent 16 straight days on the road.

– Dos Caras Jr. is back under his original name and using the mask again in WWE developmental. It looks like he will be getting pushed.

– Vladimir Kozlov was a member of Fedor Emelianenko’s M-1 Global entourage at the Strikeforce fight on CBS last Saturday night. It’s said that Kozlov’s gimmick upon entering WWE was inspired by Fedor.

– Word is that WWE has pretty much given up on the push of Eric Escobar as he’s been working more in FCW as of late. WWE may find another role for Vickie Guerrero unless things with Escobar turn around.

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