JR Comments on a Current TNA Storyline, SmackDown Live and More

– Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are highlights:



SmackDown going live:
“No…I don’t ever see Friday Night Smackdown going live, full time IE weekly. It might happen occasionally but it isn’t cost effective or travel friendly to do live TV on Mondays, Fridays, and some Sundays and still try to do live event touring. Makes no sense.”

The Angle-Jarrett storyline in TNA:
“An emailer asked me what I thought about recent TNA storylines involving Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jarrett and their children. I’m not a regular viewer of TNA first of all but what I have seen of this storyline that’s allegedly based in reality isn’t my cup of tea. I could care less what the adults do in their storyline but having minor children involved doesn’t personally work for me. TNA isn’t my hill to die upon and I harbor no ill will toward them but I find it challenging to believe that some individuals actually think that this is effective, episodic TV.”

Tonight’s Elimination Chamber:
“I’m anxiously looking forward to Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV from WWE that emanates from Oakland. Obviously, and based on precedent, the Chamber bouts will occupy the majority of the ring time on this event but my focus is on the King vs. Miz bout for the WWE Title. Miz will likely see every trick in the wrestler’s handbook in this one and I don’t expect this title bout to be a marathon. It can’t be a marathon bout if The King Jerry Lawler wants to win the WWE Title IMO. The 61 year old WWE HOF’er, who buried his 90 year old mother on Wednesday, needs to essentially tell us what time it is and not how to make the watch when Jerry looks to make history. Not only would Jerry be the oldest WWE Champion ever, or so I think, he would also be in rarefied air as a WWE Hall of Famer who wins the title after being inducted into the WWE HOF.”

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