Julianna Pena Nose Looks Bad In New Photo

Yes, it’s very well known that Julianna Pena has gone through a ton in her career, but she has been through even worse in her personal life.



In 2012, Julianna was hit by an impaired driver while she was on the sidewalk walking. When she was hit, not only did she almost suffer a horrible fate, but her nose was broken as well, making it very hard to breathe correctly.

She has now opened up about her bounce back since then.

She starts off her post with: What a gift I received this week! For those of you who don’t know, in February 2012, I was walking on the sidewalk when I was hit by a impaired driver. The accident shattered my nose and I was left with a deviated septum that debilitated my breathing, among other things.”

Obviously, this would hinder the work that she does and easily could have ended her life and her career. Thankfully, she has been getting the help that she needs in order to correct any issues at all.

She would continue: “This issue went unanswered for many years and has affected my breathing ever since. Finally I found some relief after meeting @youroutofboxdoc ! Dr. John is a leader in alternative, regenerative medicine and treatments. I got the opportunity to spend the week in his facility getting all sorts of treatments like his craniofacial release. This opened up my nose tremendously and I feel like I can breath way better now! I’m so grateful and happy!!! Wow! Thank you Dr. John!!”

While this all is a lot to take in for the average person, Julianna would be able to fight again after 2012 when she began the path to recovery. Not many can say that they have bounced back and fought again after such a tragedy occurred.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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