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Kalisto recalls 2011 bump that ‘almost’ made him quite wrestling


Kalisto made his name into the independent circuit, especially in Mexico before coming to WWE, however, at one point he even thought of quitting wrestling.

During his recent interview on Celtic Warrior Workouts, the host and fellow WWE superstar Sheamus brought out the topic of a nasty bump the 205 Live Star had taken in 2011.

Speaking of the spot, the former US Champion claimed that it changed his life and the bump was so bad that it almost made him quite the business:

“Yeah, this changed my life actually. That almost made me quit [wrestling],  I landed on the barricade. Thank god that stopped my fall. I mean, if I hit the ground, I would have been dead because nobody caught me.”

According to the story, Kalisto took a dive outside of the ring and the person expected to catch him moved away, which resulted in the WWE star hitting his head in the barricades. You can check out the video of the mentioned spot below:

  • jedi

    That 1 guy undoing his gear strings all I think of is the movie Hot Shots in the hospital when the dr says “nurse is his pen1s larger than mine? No. Ok then we will all we can” lol
    Looked painful though

  • CC

    someone QUITE proof reading I see

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    That looked QUITE painful…

  • kamalas leg

    That headline made me QUIT this site…. Quite????? Wow

  • Whistling Joe

    Why is that trainer undoing the man’s trunks?! #MeToo?