Keith Lee interested in Royal Rumble spot

Reports suggest that this year’s Royal Rumble will feature NXT as a prominent brand and the show will get equal spots to Raw and SmackDown in both the male and female Royal Rumbles.



Since these reports came out, a lot of people have been wondering which NXT stars could potentially be in the upcoming Battle Royal and Keith Lee, who impressed people with his performance at Survivor Series is one of the names people are discussing.

Lee was recently interviewed by New York Post where he was asked what’s next for him after recently losing a #1 contender’s match for the NXT Championship and he expressed interest in a Royal Rumble spot:

“I don’t know what the chances are or what I need to do to try to get it done, but maybe there is a Royal Rumble entry for me or something where I can try to create something once again that’s special and magical. Outside of that, when you fall from the bottom, you got to kind of work your way back up,”

Apart from this, Keith Lee also talked about his reaction to learning the ending of their Survivor Series elimination match, saying that he stopped for a moment and looked around when he was told about the finish of their bout at the show.

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