Kenny Omega teases AEW video game

Apart from being the only mainstream promotion in the world of wrestling, WWE also seems to have a monopoly over the world of wrestling video games but this situation might change soon.



During a recent media session ahead of the All Out PPV, AEW EVP Kenny Omega discussed a number of things and he also teased an AEW video game.

Omega was asked about a potential video game from the company and he claimed that it’s his top priority and an announcement for the same could be made by the end of the year:

“You know I’ve been globetrotting a little bit and I’ve been trying to assemble and piece together some people who might be in the know the vision of what this needs to be. Trust me, having a video game for AEW is top of my priority list, and I can’t share anything right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there might be something to announce by the end of the year, so be ready for that, guys.”

Apart from this, Kenny Omega also teased being part of a fighting game like Tekken soon. He said that things are coming together but he did not elaborate on his comments

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