Mick Foley comments on Wednesday Night Wars

Both WWE and AEW are gearing up to compete with each other with their TV shows and wrestling fans are dubbing this clash as Wednesday Night Wars.



During a recent interview with SportingNews.com, WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley who lived the original Monday Night Wars up and close, revealed his thoughts on the companies going against each other.

The former World Champion said that it would bring the best out of both sides and it’s possible that NXT will become the must-see show on WWE lineup:

“I definitely think it will bring out the best in both sides, it’s possible that the NXT show will be seen as the must-see show in the WWE lineup because of that head-to-head competition.”

Foley was also asked about his recent segment with Bray Wyatt where Wyatt used the Mandible Claw. The interviewer asked if the angle was a passing the torch moment and Mick replied by saying that it’s for everyone to think by themselves:

“I think that’s for everyone to think for themselves, it’s all about the follow-up. And I have been very happy with the follow-up as well. I’m really happy to see him using the move and to be shifting gears of that character to make it intriguing and exciting television.”

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