Kevin Owens Sad Botch With Roman Reigns Leaks

Roman Reigns successfully defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens at last night’s Royal Rumble. After a back-and-forth battle, it was ‘The Tribal Chief’ who had the last laugh as he retained the title yet again. During the match, fans witnessed a botch by KO.



Kevin Owens botched a moonsault

At one point, Owens attempted his signature double jump moonsault. He usually jumps from the second rope to the third while doing a 180 and then transitions into a moonsault. However, on this occasion, while attempting a jump to the top rope, KO slipped and fell on Reigns.

He immediately tried to recover and hit a senton followed by the second rope moonsault. However, Reigns rolled over as Owens missed hitting him.

Following the match, The Bloodline brutally attacked Kevin Owens and handcuffed him to the ropes. It has been noted that Sami Zayn’s stint with Roman Reigns’ Bloodline has seemingly come to an end. The former Intercontinental Champion refused to attack Kevin Owens with a steel chair, which enraged Reigns. He ended up attacking Reigns with the chair to a massive pop from the fans in attendance. A brutal beatdown followed, but Jey Uso refused to take part and left for the back. The Bloodline then exited the ring, leaving a bloodied and battered Sami Zayn in the ring.

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