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King Corbin talks about conversation he had with The Undertaker

King Corbin’s End of Days is a true finisher as it means his opponent will not be kicking out from it.

Corbin spoke to Fightful, where he talked about a conversation he had with The Undertaker regarding his finisher. No one can kick out of the End Of Days, which was the same case for The Undertaker’s tombstone for years.

“I had a conversation with [Undertaker] about that. You know, he really made the Tombstone something very special and nobody kicked out of it for a long time. And he held it very sacred. So that was something I took to heart and something I wanted to do with it.”

“Nobody’s ever kicked out of the End Of Days, When it lands, it’s over, and people know that. Hopefully, ten years down the line, there’s a moment where, you know, someone strong enough to withstand an End Of Days and it’ll make for that iconic face, you know, that moment where like you saw [Shawn Michaels] kick out of the Tombstone and it was just unbelievable, and the shock and the awe. I think that’s an art lost nowadays. I think keeping your things sacred is a little bit lost because people want to keep up with these Internet fans who love this high, fast-paced action and these insane moves and moves on top of moves. So I try to keep it simple, and I think that’s what makes it important.”

WWE has major plans for Corbin as he is continued to be pushed by the company. So it is likely his finisher will be protected for a long time.

  • Sparti Love

    Maybe WWE’s investment in him will pay off in 10yrs, like Mark Henry

  • KalEl

    Nahh i gotta give the man some credit. I think his finisher is pretty dope. And its a believeable “cant kick out” move. Other than that hes horrible on the mic

  • Locode

    Somebody tell this idiot that there’s nothing special about anything he does.

  • lobsterball

    He’s not wrong… finishers don’t really mean much anymore and it takes 3 or 4 of them in any major match before there’s a pin.

    Something that worries me is that fans tend to always rate matches with near falls as better… whenever there’s a match where superstars and always constantly kicking out over and over and over people tend to automatically think it’s a better match…but it just means superstars are hitting their finishers over and over again while watering down the excitement and and sacredness of finishers