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Did you know The Undertaker is afraid of cucumbers?

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic figures in pro wrestling history. His presence alone has struck fear in the hearts of his enemies while leaving a trail of broken bodies and championship runs behind him.

You don’t even need to bring up The Undertaker’s incredible WrestleMania record in order to prove he’s a superior athlete. But Bruce Prichard revealed during the episode about Owen Hart on his podcast Something To Wrestle With that The Undertaker was actually afraid of something more than others might have been afraid of him.

It turns out The Undertaker is afraid of cucumbers. That sounds odd, but it’s totally true. Prichard discussed how Owen Hart used to implement his legendary pranking ability to give The Undertaker some grief about his fear of the common vegetable.

Prichard said Owen would do things like put cucumbers in the bottom of Taker’s glass of tea so he would drink his beverage not realizing what was sitting at the bottom of his glass. But when The Undertaker finally got to the bottom and saw the cucumbers much like in the ring when you were facing The Dead Man in a match, there would be hell to pay.

Owen Hart would also place cucumbers inside The Undertaker’s boots so when he took his boot off after a long match he would find a smushed-up remainder of something that terrified him. Owen would also apparently hid cucumbers inside The Undertaker’s iconic hat as well.

But one of the best stories was when Owen Hart and Taker were in the ring. While they were in a headlock, Owen fished a handful of cut-up cucumber pieces out of his tights and put them in Taker’s face. The Undertaker apparently didn’t want to break character for an instant, but he still scrambled out of the ring in order escape the veggie he greatly feared.


  • Neil Bryson

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