Kurt Angle Talks About Returning to WWE, New TNA Contract, and More

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper in the UK, Kurt Angle addressed his new TNA contract and the possibility of returning to WWE.



“I’m really happy. It’s why I signed a long-term deal a year ago. The number one question I get asked is: ‘When are you going back to WWE?’ I don’t plan on it but I never say no. I am treated well. I have more freedom to do other things too, so it’s a win-win for me and for Impact Wrestling.”

Angle also said he feels encouraged by improvements to the TNA product and roster.

“Lots of good things have happened this year. A lot of talent has risen up – Bobby Storm and Aries. Now it’s not just Kurt Angle, Sting, and A.J. Styles. There are young guys. The revival of Samoa Joe is amazing.”

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