Liv Morgan ‘Disrespects’ Roman Reigns Backstage

Liv Morgan said she ‘refuses to acknowledge’ Roman Reigns in her household in a new backstage Smackdown video, saying she supports Rey Mysterio in his feud with Reigns. Morgan lives with Bo Dallas, a recently fired WWE star and the brother of Bray Wyatt. Watch the video below.



The former WWE star Mickie James recently joined Chris Van Vliet for an interview. She went on to talk about her infamous tweet which drew some attention on social media.

Mickie James recalls her release in 2010

She had sent out a Tweet following her WWE release and shared that her belongings was sent to her in a trash bag. During the interview, James was asked if her items also arrived in a trash bag previously following her release from the WWE back in 2010. Alexa Bliss Leaks Major SummerSlam Return

Here is what she had to say;

“It did.This is the crazy thing; I posted that picture to kind of go yeah this still a thing. We have put up with so much crap in wrestling that we had become desensitized. We live in our own world and I forgot that [the trash bag] was offensive. There was more to that too. I rewound back to the 2010 Mickie James, where I was mentally when that happened the first time. It was like a stab in the heart to my already opened wound. That was a real low blow. I took it then as they think I am trash, they’re throwing me out with the garbage.”

It is really disappointing to hear that a Hall of Famer calibre wrestling star had to go through the same incident twice in her career. She is set to be the part of the upcoming all-women’s pay-per-view NWA EMPOWERRR.

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