Liv Morgan reveals new look; tweets for the first time since her injury

Liv Morgan suffered a concussion last week after botched spot left her nearly out cold during a 6-woman match on RAW.



During the bout, Brie Bella began pelting Liv with Yes Kicks when something went wrong. Two of Brie’s kicks landed square on Liv’s face, taking her out immediately.

Liv would kick out of the pin, but clearly, all was not right with her. Eventually, with some help from Brie, she made it over to her corner to tag out, and she remained outside for the majority of the rest of the match.

Liv finally took to social media today, a week after she received her concussion, sporting a new pink hairstyle while reminding the WWE Universe that it isn’t that easy to keep her down.

Liv would also confirm that she would be appearing on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

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