Logan Paul ‘Falls Asleep’ At WrestleMania In Photo

Logan Paul was by the side of Sami Zayn for tonight’s WrestleMania match which featured Sami against Kevin Owens as this follows the storyline for the “conspiracy” set out against Zayn. Sami stated that Logan Paul helped him film his documentary. It didn’t seem like Logan was into tonight’s WrestleMania at all, as a camera shot showed him falling asleep, as many fans pointed out on Twitter. Bray Wyatt Drops AEW Surprise At WrestleMania.



We see the match start out with Logan Paul being introduced by Sami Zayn. As Logan walks down to the ring, the crowd erupts with cheers. That being said, the cheers were not real. You see, WWE panned to the crowd and the crowd was standing still. The crowd was completely emotionless when Paul walked to the ring. WWE piped in the fake cheers for Logan.

As Logan took to the announce table, the match starts after Kevin Owens gets down to the ring. The camera pans to Paul a few times as he seems totally not interested in what’s going in the ring. The action then goes back and forth with Kevin and Zayn as they hit a few high spots. The crowd then chants “Logan sucks” a few times as the camera goes back to Paul.

After a high spot by Kevin Owens to Sami, Logan exaggerates by slumping over. The match ends with Kevin Owens winning and Logan clapping for Owens. We then see Sami Zayn break kayfabe by opening his eyes and saying to Paul “Stop clapping!” as Paul comes into the ring after messing up the spot to check on Zayn.

Logan then turns on Sami and receives a stunner which he botches heavily by not falling correctly and instead flipping on his side.

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