Logan Paul Girlfriend Posts Black Swimsuit Photos

Logan Paul’s girlfriend took to Instagram and uploaded Black Swimsuit Photos.



Speaking with Kevin Hart on Cold as Balls, Paul was asked about his match at WrestleMania 39. He stated that he has to go bigger and do better than his last performance, and he noted that it’s getting hard to do that every time he competes. Paul then described how he enjoys having a canvas to express his creativity in WWE.

“I gotta go bigger, dude. I gotta do better than my last performance, which is getting harder and harder to do each time. This is where the WWE is fun, bro. It’s a canvas. They’re so creative. I can come up with anything. It works really well for the type of creator and entertainer I am.

I think they’re receiving me well because I show up. I show up, bro. I tore my MCL, grade three tear, halfway through my last match in Saudi Arabia, like mangled inside there, and I finished the match because what matters more, in that moment in time, than the millions of people watching? The WWE fandom, it makes you want to do that, though. It makes you want to put it all on the line



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