Long in the Truth: Breaking Point Predictions

With the WWE’s new submission themed pay-per-view Breaking Point coming up in a few days, it’s time to take a look into the future (thats right all the way into the year 2009) at what just might happen this Sunday. But since you never know what the creative team is actually going to do,here are some thoughts on what I think should and will happen, including matches in order of appearance. 
Chavo Guerrero vs. Evan Bourne:  Ok, so most of you might be wondering when they added this match to the card and all I can say is that a wrestling fan can hope. The last three WWE PPV’s have ended up with a total of 8 matches, so the probability of another match being added to the card isn’t too far fetched, though the odds of this particular match being the one aren’t very high. I would say the possibility of this match being a ladies title match of some kind is about 40 percent, a United States championship match about another 40 percent and the chance of another Chavo Guerrero and Hornswoggle interaction about 8 or 9 percent. Leaving an actual chance of about 2 percent that this match actually takes place. But what better way to get off a yet to be established PPV filled with varying degrees of submission maneuvers, than to start it off with a high flying, fast paced match  featuring two talented performers that ends in pinfall. In any case, here’s hoping it happens and if it does, Evan Bourne is my pick.
Winner: Evan Bourne (in actuality…Mickie James or Hornswoggle)
MVP, Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho, Big Show: If match one actually takes place, then to not have the entire momentum of the show come to a screeching halt, this match would go on next in place of Kane vs. Khali. Of course the Big Show vs. Mark Henry doesn’t exactly scream excitement. Never the less, Chris Jericho and MVP could make this a worthwhile match. And while I would like to think that creative will give up on the Big Show and Jericho experiment and send them on their  seperate ways, I don’t see them being knocked off just yet by a team like MVP and Henry. My pick is for Show and Jericho to retain, very possibly through some form of interference or disqualification.
Winners: Big Show, Chris Jericho, still unified champions (unfortunately)
Kane vs. The Great Khali: With the lumbering around that Big Show and Mark Henry will no doubt provide, I guess you might as well continue with the pace of the show and put this Wrestlemania 23 rematch in the number 3 spot. Chances are no one is going to jump out of their chairs watching this match but it should provide a little shot in the arm to the shows vitality with Kane and Khali whailing away at each other with kendo sticks. Anyways, as long as this one is kept relaitvely short (not ECW PPV short) it should come off ok and I would fully expect Khali to come out on top. Expect to see Ranjin Singh involved in this one.
Winner: The Great Khali
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison: Exactly what the crowd needs right now, two young energetic wrestlers to quicken up the pace of the show and get the fans back into the swing of things. With Morrisons recent win on Friday Night Smackdown, I see no logical way of putting the title on Diggler this soon. The match he put on with Rey Mysterio this past week is proof enough that Morrison is ready for a top level run with the IC title and possibly beyond. Should be a good fast paced match. I’ll take Morrison to win.
Winner: John Morrison, still champion    (As of last post Jim Ross is reporting that this match is now being pulled from the PPV, I think it’s a horrible idea to take Morrison off the card being one of the brightest stars they have but it makes sense to give this fued time to develop and see where it goes. Either way Morrison off the card is a minor setback for the show and hopefully we get some high quality Wrestling in its place)
Christian vs. William Regal w/ Ezekial Jackson & Vladamir Kozlov: I can’t figure out exactly if they are gonna use this match between two of the three marquis matches but this is generally the time of show where we see the hiccup like quickness that is  an ECW title match lately. I would like to think that with two talented wrestlers such as Regal and Christian that they would be given at least a minute and a half to utilize their talent but you never know. Anyway, I see Christians run as ECW champ coming to an end soon, hopefully because he is on his way to Raw or Smackdown and I’m gonna  pick Sunday as the day for it to happen. Either way keep your stop watches nearby, this one may not last longer than 5 and a half minutes. (For you PTI fans out there keep your eye on 5 mins 30 seconds for the Over/Under)
Winner: William Regal, New ECW Champion
DX vs. Legacy: I thought they might put this match prior to the ECW title match, just to give the fans time to regroup before the title matches, but it’s a little early in the show for a team the calibur of DX, so I’m gonna pick this one to go on just before the two main events. As for the match itself, this is one of my few sure fire picks for the night. I fully expect it to be a highly entertaining match that goes all over the arena and perhaps outside, using several tables and chairs throughout. Should be the second or third longest match of the night and with almost certainty I predict DX to come out on top. Expect this to be a good one.
Winners: Degeneration X
CM Punk vs. The Undertaker: Talk about a match up. Initially I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of these two paired together, at least for storyline purposes. But with Punks emergal as a very credible heel and Taker always ready to play the role of fan favorite, this will definitely give the Montreal crowd something to cheer about. Theatrics aside, if pulled off properly this match could very well steal the show. Taker and Punk both have great styles that should compliment each other well in the ring and could make for an amazing matchup. As far as picking a winner I could see it going either way. In no way do I ever expect The Undertaker to tap out but Punk is fairly early into this current reign as champion and taking the belt off him so suddenly could severely damage his momentum. While I think it’s very possible that Taker come out on top and become champ, I’m going with the so called upset and say Punk retains via DQ and we’ll get to see this one again next PPV.
Winner: Undertaker via disqualification, still champ CM Punk
Randy Orton vs. John Cena: This is the match I have the hardest time picking. Much like the Undertaker I absolutely see NO WAY, that John Cena will say I quit. Not even if Chavo Guerrero hangs him upside down like he was Rey Mysterio and beats him senseless with a chair do I see that happening. So logic would tell you Orton would be the one to quit and Cena become champ. BUT, for some reason I have this very clear picture of Steve Austin at WM 13 never giving up and simply passing out in the clutches of Bret Harts sharpshooter with blood trickling down his face. And that’s exactly what I can see happening here, Orton and probably Legacy, working over Cena until he can’t possibly take anymore pain and rather than give up, he endures the beating and further cements his legacy even in defeat. All that being said it would come as absolutely no surprise if Cena got the clean win and went on to regain the title, possibly even with the assistance of a vengeful Dusty Rhodes. Either way the outcome of this one is highly anticipated. I went out on somewhat of a limb with the last call and while common sense tells me otherwise, I’m gonna stay out on that limb and say Cena passes out and Orton retains the title.
Winner: Randy Orton, still WWE Champion
Keep your thoughts and predictions coming in.



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