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Luke Gallows and Nia Jax breakup after a one-day relationship

Luke Gallows had been all over Twitter with his posts about Nia Jax. Gallows started this by claiming that he and Jax are seeing one another. Gallows also received supportive tweets from some of his co-workers in the company.

Not long after this, Gallows also posted a photo of Jax on his Twitter feed. However, what followed was something really surprising.

Gallows announced that he and Jax have already broken up because of the gruelling rigours of high-profile relationships. He then posted a reaction image where he’s making a sad face, indicating that he’s “hurt” after his breakup with Jax.

  • CC

    Keep trollin trollin trollin trollin troll

  • Wicka Steve

    Who’s joking?

  • Steven Stevens

    She’s not right in the head… lol
    I’m sure she pressured him to announce it on social media because she wanted attention.
    Then broke up because she couldn’t handle the attention.

  • oppa

    No. Were all over jokes like that now.

  • Will Henderson

    i’m sure it’s all a comedy bit between two friends who are just opposite genders

  • Wicka Steve

    I thought you were going to say the doorbell rang and she decided she’s rather have the pizza than the boyfriend.

  • Grant Thomson

    According to Meltzer, Nia Jax ended the relationship during sexual intercourse with Gallows when her doorbell rang and he morphed into Festus.

  • Wicka Steve

    Best decision ever.

  • oppa

    Next time on Total Divas….