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Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson possibly signed new contracts with WWE

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson reportedly told WWE they did not want to sign new contracts with the company when they were offered contracts. Due to this, they were pulled from future live events and haven’t been seen on WWE television much ever since.

The two will perform alongside AJ Styles when WWE makes its return to Japan for a few dates. On this week’s RAW, fans saw the original Bullet Club as they reunited on television as AJ Styles told Gallows and Anderson to take things more seriously.

According to PW Torch‘s Tom Colohue, the segments with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on this week’s RAW might be a sign that they have signed new WWE contracts.

This very much suggests that new contracts might have been signed after all for Gallows and Anderson.

From the online exclusive clip below, one can see that the reunion might be done for more than just the few Japan dates. We will get to know in due time.

  • MWDynomite

    LOL “Original” Bullet Club. AJ and Gallows weren’t even original members. Such amazing research. Great journalism.

  • d

    Could be that they are a known commodity in Japan and nothing to do with signing a new contract

  • d

    Put all four together and feud with The Undisputed Era

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Yup. Same way Ambrose leaving was a work.

  • Moe

    Or WWE is trying to give Anderson and Gallows a bit of a cookie to try and get them to resign! Honestly I don’t know why they just don’t stick Balor in there and slowly add to the group. AJ is super over and this group could be the “New” Bullet Club

  • Darrin Tyler

    If your not used right or at all….why would u sign a new contract? I assume it’s the new “5 year” contract I read about

  • CC

    Personally I would stick all four together, and then down the line have Styles and Balor fall out over leadership.


    Anderson and Gallows need to stop being teased between Styles and Balor then nothing happens. Stick em with one and make em a stable, would be a power house.

  • CC

    Or it could just be that they are being jobbed out on their way out, much the same as was done to Ambrose when he refused to re-sign.