Mainstream Media Cover Negative Crowd Reaction At The Rumble, Rock Tweets On Philly Crowd

– On the ‘hot’ crowd in Philadelphia for last night’s Royal Rumble, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted the following early this morning:



– Many mainstream media outlets were covering the negative fan reaction at Royal Rumble last night – below are some accounts:

Time Magazine: Covered the trending “CancelWWENetwork” hashtag and labeled the events as the “latest setback” for WWE since launching the Network after “failing to win over its own (fan)base).” Report here.

USA Today: Focused on WWE choosing Roman Reigns over Daniel Bryan to win the Rumble and main-event WrestleMania 31. They noted: “Fans were outraged on Twitter, but the reaction inside the arena was even more extreme. Fans chanted Bryan’s name for minutes after he was eliminated, and booed every other entrant as they came to the ring (including fan favorite and eventual winner Roman Reigns).” Report here.

Fox Sports: Mentioned how even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson couldn’t provide the rub for Roman Reigns, especially since Daniel Bryan was eliminated half way through the match. “For the rest of the Rumble, fans in the arena continued to chant Bryan’s name and boo every other combatant as he made his way to the ring. Of course, that story along with all the others will be continued as WWE plots its build for its signature event, WrestleMania.” Report here.

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