Mandy Rose Pool Video With Male Wrestler Leaks

nything is possible in the world of professional wrestling. That includes family members of pro wrestlers competing in promotions different from the ones they work for. Mandy Rose has also been having a great run in NXT so far. Mandy Rose also previously leaked a bad message from Randy Orton.


Rose was the NXT Women’s Champion for 413 days but she ended up losing it on NXT last year, dropping it to Roxanne Perez. She was then released by WWE For violating their protocols regarding her NSFW third party content.

Mandy Rose had a successful stint in NXT as the Women’s Champion, holding the title for a record-breaking 413 days before being dethroned by Roxanne Perez. However, her time with WWE ended in a controversial manner, leaving her supporters upset. Currently, Rose is enjoying financial success through her Premium Content Service and modeling career, with her recent gift to followers being a stunning video.

Rose’s WWE contract was terminated due to the content she uploaded behind her premium content paywall, and she was not allowed to delete her VIP content before her debut with the company. Despite this setback, Rose was able to earn a whopping $1 million through FanTime last year and continues to make a significant amount of money daily, securing her financial future.

The former NXT Women’s Champion took to her Instagram and uploaded a video of herself wearing a skimpy bikini.

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