Maria Kanellis opens up about her husband’s battle with drug addiction

Mike and Maria Kanellis are on SmackDown Live as they spread their message about The Power Of Love and now they have an even more encouraging mantra concerning the power of recovering from addiction to tell the world.



Before he was in WWE, Kanellis was known as Mike Bennett and he suffered a knee injury which made it mandatory to take prescription medication. This spiraled out of control and he soon found himself in the grip of addiction. Mike recently decided it was time to do something about his problem.

Thanks to the support from his amazing wife Maria, Mike has been able to stay strong as he makes it through this challenging portion of his life. But he is apparently doing very well at this point as he proudly announced he is now almost two months clean.

The post Mike was referring to is featured below. In an inspiring message of hope and redemption, Maria told her side of this story as her husband continues his courageous fight for sobriety.

“This was the first week of my husband’s recovery from prescription drugs. This was the hardest week of my life. People try and give advice or you can read every book but the truth is there is no right way for a person to get clean. My husband was addicted to prescription drugs and I didn’t know. You blame yourself. You blame the business. You blame God. But, anyone can become addicted. No one is safe. A glamorous job doesn’t protect you from addiction. It truly makes you wonder about everyone around you. Is that person hurting? What’s that person’s story? In these photos you see Mike in the hospital, finding his appetite, trying to workout, having a match for the first time at WWE, and playing with my niece with the marks from the Clonidine patch the hospital gave him still on his arm. Addicts don’t look like the people in the movies sometimes. They are just people that took a road they shouldn’t have. Mike is doing great. He channeled all that energy into working out and being healthy. Mike wanted to quit. Now, as we move forward even though the road is hard. It’s the right road. I love you, My Friend. WE believe in you. You are a hero to so many. Keep Fighting. Keep Pushing. Be the Miracle. @therealmichaelbennett #keepingupwithkanellises #holdhandsnothate #poweroflove”

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