Mark Wahlberg Daughter Message To Dana White Leaks

Dana White is the President of the UFC and is certainly a controversial figure in the world of MMA. Dana White was also previously accused of an ‘illegal crime’ in Las Vegas. 



Hasbulla Magomedov has become an internet sensation and people simply can’t get enough of him. Dana White recently spoke after a post-fight press conference for the Contender Series, Dana White revealed that he got a facetime call from Mark Wahlberg. Mark Wahlberg apparently asked White if he could set up a meeting between his daughter and Hasbulla. This is after Hasbulla’s appearance at the recently concluded UFC 267 event in Abu Dhabi.

“So the Hasbulla stuff is off the charts. It’s massive. It’s crazy. Today I get a facetime from Mark Wahlberg asking if I can hook up for his daughter to meet Hasbulla. How f***ing crazy is that? And I’m assuming that Wahlberg’s daughter isn’t a huge MMA fan you know but she knows who Hasbulla is and likes him enough to have her dad reach out to me to try to see if I can set it up.”

We will have to wait and see if Mark Wahlberg will get his wish fulfilled or not in the future.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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