Match reportedly nixed from Greatest Royal Rumble

While the Greatest Royal Rumble card was staked with many big matches, PWinsider is reporting that the company ended up nixing a bout which was planned for the pre-show of the event.



According to the site, there was talk of having a singles match between Hornswoggle and Rob “The Giant” Araujo for the pre show but plans changed and this bout was nixed.

For those who don’t remember, Araujo was the announcer for Hornswoggle vs. El Torito WeeLC match at Extreme Rules 2014 and he was dubbed as WeeBL (or JB-Elf) at the event.

After the plans changed Hornswoggle ended up being part of the 50 Men Greatest Royal Rumble match which was the main event of the show.

Rob, on the other hand, was present at Saudi Arabia but he wasn’t used in any capacity and he ended up sitting through the event.

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