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Matt Hardy confirms more House Hardy specials are coming

Woken Matt Hardy

The Halloween Special of House Hardy on WWE Network was a highly praised show and it was noted after its release that the episode was designed to be the pilot of a series if it does good.

During his recent appearance on Sean Waltman’s X Pac 1,2,360, Matt Hardy talked about Ruby Hardy’s recent twitter posts suggesting that more episodes of the show are coming.

The former World Champion confirmed that more episodes of the special are indeed being shot while also revealing that the Halloween special was a big success:

“You will definitely be seeing more episodes of House Hardy on the WWE Network, We’re gonna do some more, it’s going to be happening moving forward because the Halloween episode was such a success and they actually told me at the Network that they have never gotten that much positive feedback on one of their specials. … I wanted to do something that was more character driven and can add longevity and add length to my career.”

Have you watched the House Hardy Halloween special yet? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

  • Whistling Joe

    For as dumb as the whole Woken/Broken thing is, the Halloween special was pretty funny. I’m looking forward to House Hardy ThanksGIving and House Hardy Holiday specials. I just wish WWE had promoted the Halloween one more than during the PPV saying “oh, by the way, we have this Hardy special thing on next.” It may have gotten them some new subs.