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Matt Hardy says he has lots to expose if he doesn’t get the Broken gimmick

The entire TNA/Impact/GFW fiasco is just that, it has become a messy mess of a mess. Through it all though they appear to be keeping the Broken Universe away from the Hardys. Even though Matt and Jeff dropped a few key words from the Broken Universe like “broken” and “obsolete” on Raw this week they are still doing the same Team Xtreme gimmick in WWE.

Dave Meltzer recently noted that it looks like the Hardy Boyz will be going on a losing streak which might end with them becoming Broken once again. He also said it looks like the deal concerning the ownership of the Broken Universe is very close to being wrapped up if it hasn’t already been settled.

“But that was a — this is a pretty strong tease” Meltzer recently said on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. “It was the strongest tease by far they’ve done. So I think that that however that thing got settled, it’s pretty much close to settled. It’s gotta be close to settled, if not settled already.”

Now comes another troublesome situation for GFW in the form of the Pride Of Mexico, Alberto El Patron. There have been plenty of things said about Alberto recently when it comes to his relationship with Paige. To add to the problems, reports have come out saying drugs are involved, specifically cocaine and that’s never a good thing.

A fan recently tweeted out to Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm asking if they were going to drug test Alberto or just save all of their money to fight the Hardys in court over the Broken Universe. Matt Hardy had a very interesting reply, to say the least.

Matt said things are going to get “terribly nasty” if they don’t wrap up this deal concerning the Broken Universe soon. We can only imagine what kind of things they have to expose, but knowing what has surfaced in the last couple of days it might develop into something that could come straight from the pages of some kind of scandalous novel.

  • Darrin Tyler

    TNA was always a joke, that’s nothing new. lol

  • Arnold Jackson

    Absolutely true

  • MrDr3w

    But you gotta admit, it would’ve been interesting if he was in full character though.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Pretty sure they would have held out for Jeff. No one wants to see Matt naked lol

  • jack

    hopefully we will see matt hardy with one of the big titles in his hands.. would be such a shame if doesnt happen

  • MrDr3w

    Paige and Del Rio probably tried to get Matt for the sequel to the Xavier Woods video.

  • Yespage

    They may expose that TNA was a sham of a wrestler company.