Matt Riddle on who he wants to face in the WWE

Matt Riddle is one of the talents that the WWE managed to fish from the independent circuit. “The Bro” made his official debut for the NXT brand in Florida recently. In a recent talk with ESPN West Palm’s The Main Event, Riddle revealed the wrestlers he wants to face.



Riddle stated that having worked with several members of the NXT roster in the past, Cesaro is the name that he would love to face. Riddle stated:

“They got so many talented individuals, I worked with the majority of them. In NXT, I have probably worked with every top guy from Ricochet, to Roderick [Strong], to Kyle [O’Reily], Adam Cole. The only guys I haven’t really worked with are Velveteen Dream and Lars [Sullivan], some of the other guys that are homegrown. In my opinion, if I was going to pick main roster guys, I’ve always had a hunch out for Cesaro. I just feel like if we were able to just go at it, make it a fight, I think it would be pretty sensational.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

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