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Matt Riddle on why NXT is more believable than main roster

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle recently spoke to TMZ Sports at the airport, where he was asked questions regarding the relationship between NXT and the main roster.

The most prominent question Riddle was asked was why he believes NXT continuously does so well compared to RAW or SmackDown Live which keeps on getting criticized.

Riddle then gave the explanation that NXT’s environment is different compared to the main roster. Everything the superstars do in NXT feels fresh and far more believable than what happens at the main roster, with their watered-down product.

“Yeah. I think we’re just different. I know that’s the easy answer- but I’d say like, we’re different, we’re new, we’re fresh and we’re not the same kind of watered-down child’s product that WWE is kinda turned into a lot. So…if you go watch us, even though it’s scripted a lot of the time, it’s more real. It’s more believable.”

To fix the main roster’s problems, Riddle believes that they should call up more NXT superstars so that the landscape of the main roster will continue changing and keep the product interesting.

“I would say we’d have to bring in some of the talent- and not like just a couple then and there. You’d have to bring enough in so we could make the other roster members change.”

Do you agree with what Matt Riddle said? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe Vince is listening it why he able to step away anything go after the XFL once again. I do still believe Vince is stepping down after WM 35.

  • wildeye

    Problem is that nobody is looking at the big picture. NXT is Triple H where the main roster shows are Vince. Vince has final say about everything except NXT. He didn’t even want it to be around. Forget about listening to the fans. If Vince would listen to Triple H then the fans can be heard. Triple H has seen the product from all aspects. Fan, wrestler and management.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I do agree with him as I believe the WWE will slowly will be going this direction. Why you think they having Seth Rollins become the face of the WWE the guy who was the very first NXT Heavyweight champion.

  • CC

    I do not agree with him as to why NXT is different as I am sure that is PG as well. What they do with that rating though is better. It is a kind of “less is more” attitude with the show not running as long (I still think an hour is not enough though, and they should bump it up by 30 mins at least). Due to this run time, the focus is on wrestling, not on promo’s.

    And his idea of bringing up talent to the main roster is not a way to fix RAW and SD. We have already seen that bringing up talent fixes nothing if the people booking the shows have no idea how to use them.
    There is more talented guys on the main WWE roster than there is on the NXT roster already, and WWE has no idea how to use most of them, so putting more talented people on the roster is certainly not the solution. Using the ones they have properly is the solution, and then when NXT call ups happen, they will be used properly as well.

  • Sparti Love

    NNX is better beause it’s 1hr a week show with a quarterly PvP.. NXT has the advantage of taking its time to build stories and their matches are fresh cause we don’t see it 100x. Something WWE needs to do but it won’t happen. WWE rushes feuds for the monthly PvP.