Melania Trump Left Home After Donald’s Affair?

It may not have occurred to all, but Melania and the former U.S. President Donald Trump, are no longer husband and wife. Speculation has at times indicated that the reason for their parting of the ways was due to Trump’s infidelity with adult actress, Stormy Daniels. Today one of Melania’s former advisers sheds light upon the situation.

According to The Independent, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former adviser to Melania Trump in the early days of her time as first lady, called out reporting that the revelations about adult actress Stormy Daniels in early 2018 was the reason Melania and Trump parted ways. 



When news broke over the hush money payments to Stormy starting in early 2018, five years ago, Ms Trump left her husband President Donald Trump, and spent nights away from the White House at a Washington, DC hotel.

Ms Winston Wolkoff tweeted in response to the article: “BS! How do I know? I was there!”

“Melania slept in her bedroom in the WH,” she continued. “I slept in my bedroom in the WH above her.”

Noting a specific detail of the reporting, that the first lady was not seen in public for days before eventually appearing at a Holocaust Memorial Day event, the former confidante to Ms Trump, says: “I accompanied Melania & her mother to the Holocaust Museum.”

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Robert Hadley
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