Michael Cole Botches AEW Line At WWE Fastlane

Michael Cole surprised WWE fans by making a direct reference to The Bullet Club on WWE TV, albeit with a slight error in his attempt to earn some “internet points.” This reference itself was unexpected, considering WWE’s history with teasing The Bullet Club since 2016, albeit without fully integrating it into their creative vision, resulting in variations like “The Club” and “The O.C.” and classic battles between AJ Styles and Finn Balor.



At Fastlane 2023, during the opening match for the Undisputed Tag Team Titles, Cole made the claim that Finn Balor had been the first leader of The Bullet Club, with Cody Rhodes as another leader. However, this statement was incorrect since Cody never held the position of Bullet Club leader.

During Cody Rhodes’ time in the independent wrestling scene before joining AEW, Kenny Omega emerged as the leader of The Bullet Club, while Cody did not assume that role. Corey Graves, recognizing the error, humorously encouraged Cole to collect those “internet points,” which he certainly did to some extent, until the moment he referred to Cody Rhodes as a former Bullet Club leader.

What Michael Cole can accurately state about Cody Rhodes, however, is that he is now an Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion alongside “Main Event” Jey Uso, marking a significant achievement in his wrestling career.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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