Mick Foley Daughter Announces Terrifying Accident

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently reacted to a deeply personal situation revealed by his daughter, Noelle Foley. Noelle Foley recently took to social media to reveal that she is suffering from Craniocervical Instability.



Noelle Foley describes the situation

Nolle Foley had suffered multiple injuries, including a concussion, an injury in which she spent years suffering the after-effects.These shortened her in-ring career which had just taken off. She revealed that her concussion and neck injury stemmed from a theme park ride.

Noelle recently took to social media to reveal that she is suffering from Craniocervical Instability, which causes her head to become unstable in her upper neck.

A recent test revealed that she tore ten ligaments in her neck when she was injured.

“I recently found out I have Craniocervical Instability, which means my ligaments in my neck are loose causing my head to be unstable on my upper neck. I had a DMX done which estimates that I tore about 10 ligaments in my neck at the time of my injury. Golly gee wilikiers *cold sweat emoji* *screaming in fear emoji* *flushed face emoji*,” Noelle Foley said in a tweet.

WWE Legend Mick Foley responded to the tweet reminding his daughter that he loves her very much.

“I love you, Noelle,” Mick Foley said in a tweet.

Noelle recently announced that she is opening an OnlyFans and it is a promise she followed through However, many people have been critical of her opening an OnlyFans account. Noelle Foley took to Twitter and revealed that she opened the account so she could pay for her expensive medical bills. Noelle Foley had also divulged the fact that she decided to get stem cell treatment to deal with the issues.

She also said in a video, “The main point of this video is to tell you guys what exactly happened and where it exactly happened. I’ve never made this public before but on September 11, 2019 at approximately 1:15 pm, I got my concussion on the Mystery Mine coaster at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.

The coaster goes down in a “orceful way before going back up in an “There’s been times where I suffered worse for months after I was around sound. It’s really strange to live with a condition that no doctors know what to do with you. Nobody knows what to do with you.even more forceful way” and “my whole body went forward and slammed back. So my head slammed back, my head hitting the headrest very hard. My neck whipped back…it was like a double whammy of hitting my head and injuring my neck. After that point, I don’t remember much of the roller coaster except at the end it hung upside down for a few seconds, which probably made the situation worse.

That’s what it’s like to live with a brain injury and hyperacusis, which is a hearing disorder I got my concussion. Which means I’m extremely sensitive to sounds…it hurts my ears and it hurts my brain. That’s the part that makes this whole life very hard to live with. It’s just so hard for people to understand that sound can physically be painful. I never thought this was possible in my life but now it is my life. It dictates my life.

In the beginning of my injury, I did reach out to Dollywood and they got back to me and they said that they would help cover my medical bills. But after reaching out multiple times, I never heard anything back. I don’t really know what happened on that end but its kind of frustrating to be told something and they disappear. And I reached back out to Dollywood earlier this year. Not over the money but to just tell them that they have to do something about the roller coaster because I’ve ridden probably over 100 roller coaster’s and I’ve never had any type of issue like this, obviously. The structure of the roller coaster – something’s wrong with it.

I did get a letter back in the mail from Dollywood, but one, they didn’t take responsibility. They said sorry to hear about your medical issues but they didn’t say sorry this happened on our roller coaster so I was a little frustrated that they didn’t take responsibility on that.”

The second part was that they said that they did their due diligence for the safety of its riders. But to me, that’s not good enough. That’s not good enough for me or the other people that are gonna be riding the ride…”

I also really want Dolly herself to hear my story. I don’t think Dollywood has cared that much. I know they’re a company. But I think if Dolly heard what happened to me at her theme park, I think she would care. She seems like a nice caring lady and maybe she could do something to make this situation a little bit better. That would be really nice and helpful. I just want to get better so bad. I desperately want to live a normal life again…”

I just used to be so happy and now I’m not. I just want my life to be happy. I just want to live a good life again

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