Mike Tyson Banned From Jake Paul Fight?

The former UFC champion Michael Bisping recently made some bold claims on YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul about his possible fight against boxing legend Mike Tyson. They are rumoured for a exhibition bout but Bisping said that it could get canceled if that takes place in Las Vegas. Previously, Jake Paul also revealed Dana White steroids claims.



Jake Paul-Mike Tyson might not get a license

Tyson and Paul’s respective teams are thrashing out terms for a headline pay-per-view event later this year, reports the Sun Online.  Organisers believe a clash between the pair could generate a staggering £36million in the fight capital of Las Vegas, with one source insisting that it will be on the cards if ‘all goes to plan’ despite Tyson recently denying talks with the YouTuber’s camp.

However, Bisping claimed that Paul will be unable to stage an exhibition with the boxing legend in Sin City because the Nevada State Athletic Commission will refuse to sanction it.

The ex-MMA star said the following on his YouTube channel:

“The [Paul] fight with Mike Tyson, there’s a good chance that won’t get licensed either,’When Mike Tyson came back and fought Roy Jones Jr, I believe that was in Florida because they couldn’t get licensed in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world, the Nevada State Athletic Commissions that is one of the toughest to get licensed by. Is it gonna happen? According to Mike Tyson, the answer to that is no. I’d like to see [Paul] fight Tommy Fury, similar size, age and experience.”

Tyson had made his shocking return to the ring 15 years after retiring for an exhibition against Jones in November 2020, which the judges scored a draw despite his dominance on the night. While Paul has five straight victories to his name since stepping foot into pro boxing. It was also not long ago that he brutally knocked out ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley out

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