Mike Tyson Brutally Goes After Wrestling Ripoff

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson recently took to his Instagram account and posted a graphic which noted that his name has been falsely used to promote a charity event. It’s using the WCW Fall Brawl wrestling PPV name.



Mike Tyson issues statement

The graphic read:

“My name has been falsely used to promote a charity event in Palmyra, Pennsylvania called ‘Fall Brawl’. The first time I was aware of this event was when press started to circulate. I take charity very seriously and to misuse my name and likeness to willingly promote an event falsely misrepresenting my attendance to raise funds is irresponsible and unfair to patrons that have paid money expecting my attendance. My legal team is looking further into this matter”

The YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul is now set to face the former UFC middleweight champion and combat sports icon, Anderson Silva, on October 29 at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Ariz. It has come to light that Anderson Silva decided he wanted to replicate the longevity of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr when accepting his upcoming clash with Jake Paul.

Silva has decided to keep his career going despite retiring from the UFC. Silva has had huge success during his recent stint in the squared circle winning three consecutive fights against Tito Ortiz, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and most recently Bruno Machado. And Silva believes boxing legends Tyson and Jones Jr, who fought in an exhibition back in 2020, have paved the way for older fighters to continue doing what they love.

“I think the secret is being special, you need to love your job and when you do you can do something special,” Silva said during an episode of Showtime’s All Access ahead of his clash against Paul. “That is my whole vision about the success I make in my life. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. They are legend, old legends who continued to do something special. I am so happy because I am trying to do the same.

“I fought in the past in MMA but when you fight in MMA it is completely different but when you fight in boxing it is much harder because you need to understand the game. I try every day to do something special to prove my respect for boxing. The secret is enjoying everything you do, sometimes it is not easy because the kids beat me a lot. But I am happy because I have made it here.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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