Mike Tyson Creepy Photo With Female Fan Leaks

Mike Tyson is a pro-boxing legend and he has some wild fan following across the globe. He has also experienced some hilarious meet-ups. Recently, he came across a fan and the picture was posted on Twitter.



Mike Tyson spotted with a fan

The 56-year-old has mellowed out over time and has a good tendency to laugh at his past antics these days. Tyson has attributed his calm demeanor to the use of marijuana and mushrooms. He has his own line of cannabis products. Recently, a fan posted a picture of ‘Kid Dynamite’ and herself warmly embracing.

While the image was wholesome, fans were quick to point out how the picture made the two look like they were in a romantic relationship. With some fans even stating that Tyson looked like a “sugar daddy” in the viral photo.




Tyson has been making some public appearances recently. He was spotted in public this week while out in New York City. But, the sights had raised concerns for the fans as he needed a cane to get around. ‘Iron Mike’ has reportedly been dealing with a “sciatica flare-up” in his back.

He was recently pictured in a wheelchair at Miami International Airport on Tuesday. Tyson’s latest outing when he was assisted in a wheelchair by an airport employee came exactly three weeks after he was seen moving gingerly while out in New York City. Recently, fans have shown concern for Tyson after he appeared at a Miami Dolphins game on Sunday.

According to Tyson, who spoke with Newsmax, the wheelchair is due to his sciatica, which is a nerve that runs along the length of most of your body.

“When it flairs up, I can’t even talk,” said Tyson. “Thank God it’s the only health problem I have. I’m splendid now,” he continued. “Everybody in my house is truly blessed and we’re all very grateful for what we have.”

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