Mike Tyson Direct Message To SNL Star Revealed

Mike Tyson, a former two-time world heavyweight champion, is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers to ever step into the ring. His fierce performances and unconventional personality earned him the nickname “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” Tyson has even become a pop culture icon, with his likeness appearing on everything from action figures to video game characters and skins. While many fans try to emulate the champ, it seems that Tyson has found a worthy doppelganger in comedian Kenan Thompson.



Saturday Night Live has been a staple of primetime comedy sketches for years. A recent episode, preceding the 95th Academy Awards, was no exception. The show parodied the infamous slap incident from the previous year’s Oscar Awards show, using a backdrop of celebrity interviews from Access Hollywood’s Oscars Red Carpet Show.

In the sketch, comedians Marcello Hernandez and Heidi Gardner played the hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos respectively. And went on to call Will Smith out for the incident. Moreover, they further detailed the security measures in place. Menounos said, “This year, to make sure nothing crazy happens. The Academy hired a new head of security: notoriously calm and sane person, Mike Tyson.”

Thompson quickly channeled Tyson and opened up about the security measures he adopted for the 95th Oscar Awards. He said, “This year, all the nominees have been given tasers. All the seat fillers have been given guns. And Jimmy Kimmel has been given a flamethrower.”

Mike Tyson told Thompson on Instagram, ““Hey @kenanthompson why you do me like that.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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