Mike Tyson & Naomi Campbell Bombshell Revealed

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has had some relationships outside the ring. While it is common knowledge that Tyson dated Robin Givens in his early years’ career, there was another model that was very close to ‘Iron Mike’.



Mike Tyson seemingly dated a girl

During his prime, Tyson dated British model Naomi Campbell. It was reported that the two met at a party during Iron Mike’s visit to the UK and were very close to each other. They were not officially dating but the pair shared a very unique relationship which was proven after some resurfaced photos of the two, made rounds online.

A page by the name ‘Unapologetically Black’ posted a photo of Tyson along with Campbell. In the photo, the British model can be seen playfully punching Tyson as they share a romantic moment near a lake. Moreover, Campbell is wearing a yellow dress while the former heavyweight champion is sporting a gray suit.

However, the fans were not convinced that the girl in the photo was Campbell. In addition, this also sparked a debate in the comments section about whether Tyson was with Campbell or some other girl.

Fans started a debate whether Tyson was with Campbell in the picture. One fan stated that it was indeed Campbell and rhetorically asked if people don’t change as they age.

“It is Naomi..She was young. People don’t change as they age??” he wrote.

Another fan seemed confident that the girl wasn’t Naomi and made his opinion clear.

That’s not Naomi” he wrote.

Moreover, one fan asked whether the woman was Robin Givens despite the caption mentioning that it was Campbell.

Isn’t that Robin Givens?” he wrote.

One fan hilariously stated that he thought the girl was French soccer star Kylian Mbappe.

“Thank God I thought it was Mbappe”. he wrote.

Lastly, one fan claimed that he needed to google search the photo to confirm that the girl was indeed Campbell.

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO yoooo I had really had 2 google if we was talking bout the same noami that can’t b her at all.” he wrote.

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