Mike Tyson & Will Smith SNL ‘Slapping’ Video Revealed

In a comedic jab at The Oscars, Saturday Night Live proposed a new head of security for the prestigious event: Mike Tyson. This suggestion came after the incident last year when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage while the comedian was preparing to announce the nominees. The Academy has since been struggling to navigate the aftermath and even acknowledged their poor handling of the situation.



To poke fun at the situation, SNL created a parody of the red carpet for The Oscars, featuring wild interpretations of potential celebrity attendees and their antics. The joke continued with Tyson’s appointment as head of security, and other comedic skits like a mix-up in the In Memorium segment and Jamie Lee Curtis parodies.

Interviews with Mike Tyson and Jamie Lee Curtis direct from the Oscars r̵e̵d̵ champagne carpet

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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