Mike Tyson ‘Wrong’ Julianna Pena Video Revealed

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson recently headed to UFC 277 with WBO Welterweight Champion Terence Crawford. It seems Tyson had backed Juliana Pena to beat Amanda Nunes again. However, Nunes avenged her upsetting defeat to Pena and is once again a champion in two weight classes.



Mike Tyson and Terrence Crawford make their presence felt at UFC 277

UFC 277 saw multiple moments of joy and Tyson’s presence apparently added fuel to the fire. Mike and ‘Bud’ Crawford also met UFC President Dana White. The UFC president has always claimed himself to be a huge fan of ‘Kid Dynamite.’ White and Tyson have shared several light-hearted moments, which have also become eye-catching for the fans.

The latest interaction at UFC 277 was also noted by the fans. It was also interesting to see Crawford appear at an UFC event, as he has teased a potential crossover bout against UFC fighters in the past. Back when Max Holloway was the UFC featherweight (145 lbs) champion, he showed interest in boxing Crawford. It could have been a super fight, similar to the massive crossover bout of Mayweather vs. McGregor. But for some reason, it never materialized.

UFC 277 was a huge event. Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes were involved in a bloody and brutal fight in the headliner of the recently concluded UFC 277 pay-per-view. The fight gave the crowd plenty to cheer for over five violent rounds of action. While ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ showed indomitable spirit despite being bloodied and bruised throughout the fight. But she lost the women’s bantamweight title via a lopsided unanimous decision. Nunes’ vicious counter-striking proved to be the difference between the ladies on the feet in the first three rounds. UFC President Dana White has now stated that Pena requires plastic surgery.

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