More On Bob Barker-RAW Controversy, UK Ratings, Terri Runnels, & More

— Several W-E readers sent word that their local radio stations did rumor-killers about Bob Barker, after people believed he had passed away after his name increased in keyword popularity around the internet. The sudden jump in the popularity of his name was simply because he hosted RAW.



— The spot on RAW this week where Bob Barker didn’t know Santino’s bid was not a screw-up by Bob, but was rather because the numbers weren’t actually placed on the score boards in front of him. They were added in the production truck over a static camera, so Bob could not see the bids unless he turned around and looked at the big screen. (Thanks to Shane)

— WWE is currently looking to hire a new Senior Vice President of Marketing on

— U.K. TV ratings for the week ending in August 30th: TNA iMPACT did 58,000 viewers, RAW live did 36,000, the RAW replay did 45,000, and SmackDown did 69,000.

— The Countdown to UFC 103 (Franklin vs. Belfort) will be airing Monday night at 7 PM on Spike.

— From the ‘Where are they now’ file: Terri Runnels and Kamala are advertised for an event on 10/25 in Franklin Square, NY at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant and Catering Hall.

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