New vignette hints at a “self-destructive” Liv Morgan

Last week, we saw a thirty-second video hyping up the return of Liv Morgan. The former Riott Squad member hasn’t been seen since losing to Charlotte on SmackDown earlier this year.



This week, Monday Night RAW aired a new vignette with Morgan, and this time she revealed why she was in need of a “makeover.” In the video, Morgan stated that she was used to being told what to do. Her friends used to tell her what to wear, what to do, and how to act.

In order for the real Liv Morgan to emerge, she’ll have to destroy herself. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here. If the line “I’ve always been so self-destructive” means anything, she may be more unhinged than we’re lead to believe. Though, anyone following her on Twitter won’t be too surprised by that.

What do you think is up with Liv Morgan? Where is this going? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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