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More news on Scott Dawson’s injury, when and how did it happen?

The Revival were on their way back up the rankings in the Raw Tag Team Division but all of that hit a huge snag when Scott Dawson was taken out of action due to a bicep injury.

Dave Meltzer recently opened up about Dawson’s injury and gave some clarity about how it happened and what it could mean for the Top Guys.

“So Scott Dawson  — so this is another one it was, he tore his biceps in in Halifax Friday night,” Meltzer said. He worked Saturday and he worked Sunday with a torn biceps but got to TV and you know, they examined him and so he’s going to have a meeting later this week to determine whether or not he needs surgery.”

“I don’t know exactly how it happened, I do know that it was a total fluke — not a big bump, not anything it was just something routine in a match in Halifax and the bicep just tore. And again, you know that’s probably the accumulation of wear and tear because it wasn’t part of a big move or a wrong spot or anything.”

Meltzer talked about what he knew about the place in the match when Dawson was injured. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer also went into some detail about how this couldn’t have some at a worse time for The Revival.

“It just happened in the middle of a match and I think he knew it wasn’t good right away but it’s gotta be super disappointing for both those guys because Dash Wilder’s only been back for a couple of weeks. They come into the main roster and they beat The New Day week one they were, in theory, going to get a big push, who knows?”

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio and for the transcription


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    I believe this will spell the demise of the undertaker!