Nikki Bella WWE Return ‘Angers’ John Cena Family

Dan Mirade of MWF interviewed John Cena’s father recently, and Mirade claimed that Nikki Bella and her sister “contributed nothing but poor promos, poor skits, poor matches, poor everything” to WWE. Brock Lesnar ‘Trashed’ John Cena For A Sad Reason.



John Cena Sr. paused and agreed, saying “there you go.” He said he has “nothing against them” but backed Mirade’s opinion.

Cena added, “I think you said it all.”

John Cena Sr. also said about the WWE Hall of Fame this year, which will see Kane, Rob Van Dam, nWo, and Eric Bischoff also inducted, “You know what, if they don’t allow fans to attend, I think it’s a disservice to those who are being inducted. I think that it’s time now they rethink the process because it is a fan thing.

It’s only for those people, men and women, who have earned their right and the privilege to be noticed beyond everyone else into that Hall of Fame, and it should be enjoyed by everyone. If you don’t have fans there and you don’t have people, it’s kind of like watching a wrestling match without anybody there, and kind of like a bad bottle of Fabo Pop [soda]. If it’s not right, it goes flat.” Sportskeeda transcribed Cena’s remarks.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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