O.J. Simpson Said He Dreamed Of Killing To…

According to Ron Shipp, a retired LAPD officer and longtime friend of O.J. Simpson, Simpson did not initially want to take a lie detector test following the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994. When detectives questioned Simpson, they asked him to take a lie detector test, but he refused. Shipp expressed his surprise and concern when Simpson explained that he did not want to take the test because he had dreams of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and did not want the lie detector needle to reveal his emotions.



Despite Simpson initially claiming he did not take the test, Shipp later discovered that Simpson did take the test and failed miserably. Shipp’s suspicions about Simpson’s involvement in the murders grew due to Simpson’s shifting stories about a cut on his hand and his questions about DNA evidence.

Shipp testified about his conversation with Simpson at the criminal trial and became a witness for the prosecution. He also noted that Simpson seemed to ask him questions about the investigation because Shipp had previously worked as a police officer, which could have been an attempt by Simpson to gauge the situation and alleviate his concerns.

In the end, Shipp believed that Simpson was guilty of the murders based on the evidence and conversations they had. Simpson’s actions and questions raised significant doubts for Shipp, and he was convinced that Simpson had committed the crimes.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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