OJ Simpson ‘Incineration’ After Death Revealed

It has come to light recently that OJ Simpson’s brain is set to be incinerated and won’t be investigated as per NY Post.



Simpson passed away on Thursday after a battle with prostate cancer and he was 76. It has been noted that the body of the former NFL great is expected to be cremated Tuesday in Las Vegas. There are no plans to donate his brain for research despite multiple requests from scientists as per the outlet.

It has come to light that his longtime attorney and executor Malcolm LaVergne said he’s signed off on all the paperwork for Simpson’s cremation, but the family gave a “hard no” to scientists asking to study Simpson’s brain to see if the ex-running back suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which is a degenerative brain disease afflicting many retired football players who suffered multiple concussions during their careers.

Violent behavior is one common symptom of CTE.

“With OJ everything’s wild, but I’ve been getting calls from medical centers that are doing CTE testing asking me for OJ’s brain . . . that is not happening,” LaVergne said.

“I may consult with the children on it, but I haven’t heard anything about it, so it’s just not going to happen. OJ wants all of his body cremated for his children to do what they see fit.”

Meanwhile, Simpson’s four children still have to sign off on the cremation paperwork, said LaVergne, who noted he wants “consensus.”

It has also come to light that a doctor has signed off on the death certificate and paperwork for Simpson’s cremation, and additional paperwork is scheduled to be finalized on Monday, said the attorney.

“Tuesday is the predicted . . . day that he will actually be cremated.” LaVergne said. “That’s what OJ wanted. Those are OJ’s wishes, and that’s what the kids are telling me.”


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