Oscar de la Hoya Posts Girlfriend Hotel Room Video

Oscar De La Hoya is a very lucky man. Not only is he with Holly Sonders, but she also is an alarm clock for him.



Under the boxing legend’s wing, Canelo drew with GGG in 2017 but won the rematch a year later. For the trilogy almost half a decade in the making, Eddie Hearn promoted the fight. The fight ended with Canelo winning via unanimous decision in what was the most unentertaining bout of the series as stated by many fans along with Oscar.

Oscar had a lot, or a very little bit, to say about the fight as he could barely keep his eyes open.

Oscar De La Hoya, who watched from ringside, posted on Instagram: “I was falling asleep until @holly.sonders grabbed my ass.”

The next morning, Oscar De La Hoya would take to social media to voice his opinions that much more. He stated: “The truth is everyone is afraid of speaking the truth,” De La Hoya stated Sunday morning via social media. ‘[T]he fight was a f—–n dud. GGG was old [as] f— and [Canelo] can’t hold [Bernard] Hopkins’ jockstrap.”

De La Hoya fans are siding with the legend, but fans are both split on the sides of both Canelo and GGG as not only did Oscar disrespect GGG in his comments, but he also ensured to get a diss in to Canelo. Could this spark a fight between De La Hoya and Canelo?

Most definitely not, but we are waiting to see if anything comes out of the Canelo camp after such strong statements about the fight from fans and other athletes alike. No matter what it comes down to, it’s safe to say that Canelo is really just that good.

Check out Holly’s post with Oscar below.

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