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Paige and Alberto Del Rio’s Jobs Were Reportedly Threatened if They Didn’t Break Up

In the latest episode of the “MSL & Sullivan” podcast, Mister Saint Laurent discussed the Alberto Del Rio and Paige relationship, revealing that Mark Carrano approached the two about their relationship:

“Mark Carrano, who fans might know from Total Divas, kind of like the office liaison guy, approached Del Rio and Paige individually and harassed each of them about their relationship. It was indicated that the office wanted them to sever their romantic relationship.”

“A lot of people speculated if this was the reason [WWE] split them up in the draft and that’s definitely what happened. The company did not want them together. They split them up in the draft by design and they threatened to fire Paige if she didn’t break up with Del Rio.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

  • Darrin Tyler

    I want a confirmation from them. Not from some guy called “Mark Carrano” or Mister “staint” why would I believe sources I never even heard of?

  • Darryll Morris

    Technically yeah, you’re right. But it doesn’t stop people from doing it if they are the victim in a crime. Often times cops will wire someone (directly to them) or have them record a conversation or something that can be used as proof if I’m not mistaken.

  • MrDr3w

    Recording a conversation without the person’s consent is illegal too. Bad idea.

  • MrDr3w

    You’re half right. In life, age shouldn’t be an issue. You love who you love. But this isn’t life, it’s the WWE. It’s a highly-scrutinized, multi-billion-dollar corporation, where public image is everything, where the stockholders and “fans” will take every little opportunity they can get to completely rip the company apart. That being said, I’m not sure they were reprimanded about HAVING the relationship, so much as how they went about it. Not to mention, athletes are typically pigs (especially after going through a divorce) and Paige is extremely naïve. But that’s another story entirely.

  • D2K

    And this coming from a guy that cheated on Chyna with the boss’ daughter and when Vince was confronted by Chyna on the matter his reply was, “Well I guess the jig is up!”

  • D2K

    Exactly. Also it’s not like in the old days where kayfabe was expected to extend into wrestler’s lives 24/7. For instance, back in the 80s when Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik got pulled over and charged with marijuana and cocaine possession. It wasn’t so much about the drugs because pretty much all the top stars were doing that. All Vince cared was that you showed up when you were supposed to and did your job.

    For him the whammy was the two were feuding at the time and how could a “good guy” like old Hacksaw Jim Duggan be hanging out with a “bad guy” The Iron Sheik which was the quest asked by fans. So that incident pretty much cost the Sheik his job, and caused a de-push to Hacksaw.

    It seems like WWE picks and chooses what they deem to be detrimental relationships. In this case, I can’t see how Paige dating Del Rio was a big deal at all. For all we know Del Rio may have been complaining about the fact that WWE had not been living up to it’s part of the deal and all of this was precipitated to encourage Del Rio to do exactly what he did.

  • JC Bolden

    Age isn’t the issue. You love who you love. It’s not like she’s 18 and he’s 60 so that part sir is irrelevant. Their mistake was being public about it and it seems they did it rather quickly too. They may have gotten the green light like Cena, DB, Rusev, HHH ect. At the end of the day though who really cares who they date and if someone else knows? It’s a lot of pressure to keep a relationship in the dark and it has to be extremely difficult when you’re famous. Now while I don’t necessarily believe this story 100% I can see WWE putting some pressure on them. They’re not foolish enough to outright threaten them but I could see them making insulations.

  • D2K

    I don’t buy any of this.

  • MrDr3w

    It reflects poorly on her, being 24 herself and dating a divorced man in his late-30’s, which in turn, reflects poorly on the company she works for and represents. Not to mention the several shenanigans that she has pulled in the past that made them look bad. So she had been skating on thin ice for quite a while. It’s an extreme measure, but I see where they’re coming from. Work relationships are fine, unless they interfere with the business. All previous relationships in the WWE were kept separate from the business, never making it known to the fans for a long time (with the exception of Cena. But he’s their big cash cow, so he’s the exception). That’s why the women don’t wear rings. Posting pictures all over social media of yourself out with your boyfriend, who is 15 years older than you, sounds like a bit of a no-no for Paige, the young, inspirational role model to young girls everywhere.

  • oppa

    For those who don’t remember, HHH and Edge had beef because HHH wanted Edge fired when he found out he was sleeping with Lita. Edge had to go to Vince and that’s how he kept his push and his job. While it is unfair for the company to get involved in people’s private lives, it is a company that has “allegedly” broken laws and bent rules before.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yea, unless I hear this from Paige or ADR, I call this complete crap.

  • mark hunter

    Yeah – and open themselves up to a lawsuit. Rubbish.

  • Mister Who

    WWE is complete crap, and everyone says that it’s getting better in this year and so forth? Stop the denial