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Paige jokingly reveals the reason behind top SmackDown Stars turning heel

In the past few days, two of the biggest Superstars on WWE’s SmackDown LIVE snapped and embraced the dark side completely. Daniel Bryan introduced a psycho-esque edge to his character on SmackDown this past week while Charlotte Flair went completely ruthless on her conquest of overcoming Ronda Rousey.

A fan took to their Twitter to ask SmackDown GM Paige about what it was that she was mixing in the locker-room’s Kool-Aid for these top Stars to have snapped like this.

Paige jokingly replied to the fan by saying that it is “badassery” that she’s slipping in their Kool-Aids as of late.

  • CC

    Ya know what, one of the biggest complaints about Survivor series is once it is over it has no ramifications, as its back to the existing feuds on each brand. This is why so many people were excited about the Lynch/Rousey match as it seemed to have more meat on its bones, and after the beat down from Charlotte would Rousey not want retribution?

    If they actually had a longer term story with SD continuing to “invade” RAW and then have retaliation from RAW, it could actually go on months if handled correctly. (which we know WWE rarely does)

  • oppa

    LOL!!! Maybe Enzo had some of that too. I’d say let them attack Raw again after how bad they lost last night.