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Paige on her frustrations with WWE creative direction

WWE superstars often get frustrated with the company’s creative direction. Vince McMahon has the final say in anything that goes on in the company and this leads to deserving superstars being neglected.

While speaking to SunSport, Paige talked about how she always struggles to deal with WWE creative. This is a bigger concern to Paige now as she is managing The Kabuki Warriors who are a great team and WWE had mostly forgotten about.

“If we don’t get used I get really frustrated because we’re a good tag team and we need to be utilized.”

“Sometimes the writers have so much on their plate with everyone else’s storylines, they put things on the backburner. I have to remind them, ‘Ok, but there is a women’s tag team title… I’m like, ‘What the hell dudes? Let’s make something happen.’”

“It frustrates me but once you actually get to speak with Vince and Hunter about your problems and frustrations, they’re always the first to say, ‘Let’s change this.’”

“If you go up to writers it’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes, whereas if you go to Vince and Hunter they’re like, ‘If you have a problem we can change that for you.’”

Thankfully, The Kabuki Warriors received a title shot against the IIconics as they defeated them at the Live Event in Japan. Now they will be getting more attention, which they deserve.

  • Soulshroude

    In other words, the writers have to actual time for the actual talent, thus the wrestlers need to go to the executives to change things? This makes little sense when it comes to creative directives. I’m siding with Paige and will wait for the other side of this “issue” to come to light.