Paige Shows Floatation Devices In Green Swimsuit

Paige took to her Instagram and uploaded a few photos of herself wearing sultry clothes.



The WWE Divas Era may not have produced a plethora of five-star matches, but it did pave the way for standout performers such as Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, AJ Lee, and the newly rebranded Garcia Twins. These women pushed boundaries and became all-time greats, contributing to the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE.

Among these trailblazers was Alicia Fox, a former WWE Divas Champion and cast member of E! Network’s reality show Total Divas. Despite facing ridicule from some fans, she earned the distinction of becoming the first and only black WWE Divas Champion. Now, her former reality television co-star and rival, Saraya, is demanding that Fox gets the proper respect that she deserves.

Saraya, leader of AEW’s Outcasts, recently retweeted a clip compilation of a match from her days as Paige where she faced off against Fox. The original poster highlighted Fox’s brutal moves, but Saraya pointed out that it only looked so bad because Fox was so good. “Her stuff looks incredible,” Saraya said. “But she is so safe. She took care of everyone she was in the ring with. She deserves her flowers; she doesn’t get nearly enough love.”

In the video, Fox showcased her incredible tilt-a-whirl backbreakers and a picture-perfect Northern Lights suplex. Despite not having many opportunities to showcase her skills, she made the most of her time in the ring, whether it was with a bold hat or a brutal move.

Fox’s patented scissor kick, which WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has praised numerous times, was noticeably absent from the video. However, it is clear that Fox’s talent and dedication to keeping her opponents safe and delivering impressive performances deserve recognition and respect.

As the wrestling industry continues to evolve and women’s wrestling becomes more prominent, it is important to remember and honor the contributions of trailblazers such as Alicia Fox, who paved the way for future generations of female wrestlers.


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