Paige VanZant Leaks Nick Jonas Boyfriend Rumor

The former UFC star Paige VanZant recently revealed that she was approached by NFL star JJ Watt and musician-actor Nick Jonas. But, VanZant revealed that she ignored their advances as she wanted a relationship with Austin Vanderford, who is now her husband. He is also currently, the number one ranked middleweight contender in Bellator. Vanderford is also undefeated in his professional MMA career and is eyeing to get a title shot next. Conor McGregor ‘Throws Punches’ At Football Game



Paige VanZant reveals the reason

According to VanZant, J.J. Watt got hold of her phone number while she was on Dancing With The Stars. The Arizona Cardinals defensive end also arrived home to pick her up, but she stood him up. VanZant recently said on an episode of the ‘Punchin’ In’ podcast:

“I was on Dancing With The Stars, and somehow he (J.J. Watt) got my phone number, asked me out on a date, pretty sure I stood him up. He showed up to pick me up. I was like,’oh sorry, I’m not home’. And that was it.”

VanZant had also offered to fly Vanderford to L.A. to join her for a trip to Disneyland. She revealed why she ignored advances from the stars:

“Actually yeah. At the time I was talking to him. I was in L.A. and I told my mom. I was like, ‘hey I have like VIP passes to Disneyland or something stupid. It’s like the VIP tour you get to go underneath, underground and all the restaurants. And I didn’t have anyone to go with me. And we were kind of talking. And I told my mom, I was like,’would it be weird if I like offered to like fly him to L.A. to go with me to Disneyland?’ And she’s like, ‘do it! Like check it out’.”

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