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Pentagon Jr. addresses WWE rumors and status with AAA

It’s been noted this week that Pentagon Jr. and his brother Fenix have been contacted by WWE about possibly coming into the company in the future. It wouldn’t be too soon, even if true, as the former Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion still has three seasons left with Lucha Underground.

Pentagon Jr. further put the rumors to rest in a recent interview with

I still remain 100 percent independent in Mexico and everywhere else in the world while respecting my obligations with Lucha Underground and Impact, and I still have a contract with Lucha Underground. For AAA, I wouldn’t really say I’m back [just yet], but more so I’ll return at TripleMania on August 25. That’s when I’ll return to wrestle for AAA.

Admittedly, there had been negotiations between me and them, and we talked about how to further expand the lucha business and take it global. We’ve come to an agreement that I’ll come in and help that global growth and help AAA have a worldwide reach, just like I’ve been doing with Lucha Underground and Impact.

It all comes down to the wrestling promotions giving opportunities and the wrestlers making the most of the opportunities and help make companies grow alongside with the necessary support. AAA approached me, we negotiated and came to an agreement, and I’ll keep wrestling for them and other companies.

So, for now, Pentagon Jr. isn’t planning on jumping to the WWE, as he would rather help promote the Lucha style across the world.

  • Los Illuminados ✓ Nationalist

    WWE is garbage. they will not know what to do with a stars like Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix . i hope they don’t go there and stay independent. if they do end up going to WWE . i would say to them go for the extra exposure to wrestling fans about your character and to help promote Lucha style across the world. i love Lucha style with Hardcore wrestling matches mixed myself.

  • Wicka Steve

    Pentagon would be like Rey Mysterio, except not as well known and be beaten all the time like Rey. Those of us who remember when he was good would be disappointed how WWE doesn’t let him do anything exciting. On top of that, Pentagon would be given a different name, killing any momentum he had going in. Remember how excited we were about Kenta coming in? Does anyone even remember that he’s still with the company as Hideo Otami? Me neither.

  • CC

    He would have to slim down for 205 live though.

  • Rinn13

    If Pentagon or Fenix came to WWE, they’d be stuck in NXT, or on 205 Live. And that would be a real waste of two of the best wrestlers in the world today, quite frankly.

  • Will Henderson

    at this point, i rather have Pentagon Jr tear down the house in NJPW than WWE, just think of the dream matches he could have.